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Last Updated; 10 Dec 2019

since March 18, 2003

The seamless geological map of Japan is registered as AIST Intellectual Property.

Copyrights 2003-2014
Geological Survey of Japan, AIST.
All rights reserved.

 The Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan (1:200,000) is the product of the merged 1:200,000 geologic quadrangle maps covering the entire country of Japan. The discontinuous boundaries between neighboring quadrangles were resolved using a unified legend.

*** For First Time Users ***

  • Disclaimer: This database utilizes Google Map(tm) as a base map. Location names and other expressions in the map do not represent the official views of AIST.
  • The highest positional accuracy is equal to topographical map at 1:200,000 scale.
  • The map was produced based on published geologic quadrangle maps. It does not include the result of recent field surveys and research works.
  • The contents of the map were obtained from the Geological Survey of Japan and the results of field surveys and researches of individuals and organizations engaged in geological research of Japan.
  • ・Energy Cone App Released (31 Jan 2014)

     Beta version of Energy Cone App is released. See our LAB site for detail (Japanese version only).

    ・Flood Simulation App Released (24 Dec 2013)

     Beta version of Flood Simulation App is released. See our LAB site for detail (Japanese version only).

    ・SVG tiling fixed (3 Dec 2013)

     Some SVG tiling not being displayed properly. This bug is already fixed in up-to-date versions of WMTS distribution service (Japanese version only).

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