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We have revised fault parameters and traces of 12 behavioral segments.(detail)
   Hokkaido: 002-01 Kotanuka, 004-01 Kaiyo, 004-02 Yoroushi
   Tohoku: 027-01 Shizukuishibonchi-seien
   Chugoku: 204-01 Itsukaichi, 236-01 Oharako, 283-01 Tsutsuga, 335-01 Tokusa-Jifuku
   Kyushu: 218-01 Futagawa, 218-02 Mifune, 218-03 Yatsushiro, 218-04 Ikenohara

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This website contains information of active faults in Japan, sorted by the concept of "behavioral segments" [McCalpin, 1996]. Each fault is subdivided into behavioral segments based on surface trace geometry and rupture history revealed by paleoseismic studies. Faults shown on the index map are linked to a database of behavioral segments, which contains information of geologic and paleoseismic parameters including slip rate, slip per event, recurrence interval, and calculated rupture probability in the future. Behavioral segments can be searched also by name or combination of fault parameters. All those data are compiled from journal articles, theses, and other documents. We are currently developing a revised edition which is based on an improved database system.


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