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        Active volcanoes of Japan

 <volcanoes which have erupted within the past 10,000 years or with vigorous fumarolic activity>

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 ★ Active volcanoes continuously monitored by JMA.

active volcano map

Roman spelling of volcano names are basically according to JMA, though some volcanoes including in this map are slightly different from the definition by JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency).
Shiretoko-Iozan+Rausudake → Rausu-Shiretoko Io Volcanoes
Tarumaesan → Tarumaesan (Tarumaisan)+ Fuppushidake
Nantaisan → Nantai-Nyoho Volcanoes
Yokodake → Yatsugatake Volcanoes
Beyonesu Rocks → Myojin Sho
Yakedake+Akandanayama → Yakedake

Midagahara → Tateyama


Volcanic Warnings (JMA: Japan Meteorological Agency)

Database on Volcanic Hazard Maps (NIED: National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention)