The Geological Survey of Japan and AIST have been collecting marine geologic and geophysical data around Japan. Seimic profiles are one of the most important data in the data set. This database has been prepared to show a part of the seismic profiles. The area covered with this database will be extended in the future.

List of the areas
Japan Sea Pacific Ocean
Teshio (TES) Cape Erimo(ERI)
Syakotan Peninsula(SKH) Sanriku (SRK)
Okushiri Island (OSH) Sendai Bay (SND)
Akita (AKT)  Chiba (CHB)
Sado Island (SDO) Hachijo Island (8JO)
Noto Peninsula (NTO) Tokai (TOK)
Wakasa Bay (WKS) Kumano (KMN)
Tottori (TTR) Kochi (KCH)
Hakata (HKT) East of Kyushu (HYG)
Sea of Okhotsk Ryukyu Arc
Sea of Okhotsk (OHT) Kagoshima (KAG)
Okinawa Island (OKN)
All maps in this database were produced from the digital topographic data "JTOP030" provided by Marine Information Research Center, Japan Hydrographic Association
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