Gravity Database (GALILEO)


Gravity data and map images, compiled and edited by GSJ, AIST, are contained. In this database, you can search and browse these maps, and also enjoy on-demand making of gravity maps in Japan.
In "Map search", You can search gravity map images registered in this database. We prepare three kinds of search pages (area select page, 1st-mesh select page, coordinate input page).
"Gravity map list" is a portal of Gravity Map Series published by GSJ, AIST. You can browse map images and also documents (of no.24-27).
In "On-demand mapping", you can enjoy on-demand mapping of gravity anomalies.

About data source and references of this database, please refer to the page 'Notice on use of GALILEO'.

If you have a question with respect to this database, please use an inquiry form.

Update information

July 10, 2013 The URL has been changed.
April 26, 2010 English page was released.
June 3, 2009 Japanese page was released.

In this database, we used Digital Map 25000 (Administrative Boundary and Coastline) and Digital Map 50m Grid (Elevation) with approval of the Director General of Geographical Survey Institute.