Date and Time 2019-10-12T18:22
Epicenter (lon, lat) (140.7, 34.7)
Magnitude M5.7
Depth 80 [km]
Image Area UL:(137,40) - LR:(142,32.66666667)
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Response Spectra 5038 5039 5138 5139 5238 5239 5240

Date and Time 2019-11-12T21:55
Epicenter (lon, lat) (141, 36.4)
Magnitude M4.5
Depth 50 [km]
Image Area UL:(138,38.66666667) - LR:(142,35.33333333)
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QuiQuake (Quick estimation system for earthQuake maps triggered by observation records) provides wide and detail strong ground motion maps such as peak ground velocity (PGV) and instrumental seismic intensity (INT) soon after an earthquake occurrence in and around Japan using combined usage of amplification capability map and observed seismic records. The maps whose spatial resolution is 7.5 arc-second in latitude and 11.25 arc-second in longitude (approximately 250m square) can help to support decision making for disaster response and business continuity planning (BCP) by municipalities and companies.

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